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According to the Observer Indexer for the 2023 Denver Municipal Elections, Marcus Giavanni filed the first required municipal candidate affidavit for the office of mayor for the city and county of Denver, Colorado. - Mayor Robert W. Speer, A voice from the grave c/o Marcus Giavanni

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2023 Denver Municipal Elections | "Observer Indexer Marcus Giavanni" Filed the First Needed "Municipal Candidate Affidavit" - For the */Office of Mayor of The city and county of Denver/* Verified by "City and county of Denver LLC"  \ About | 2023 Denver Municipal Elections | Denver city council - Mayor Michael B. Hamock’s Last Day As Mayor of Denver will Be on July 17, 2023”.”” The Exact Same day the Speer Amendment was Signed Into Law on July 17, 1916” | Mayor Robert W. Speer A Voice from the Grave

Published Mar 11, 2022 11:13 PM | Updated; Mar 12, 2022 4:20 AM Update; Feb 26, 2023 10:30 AM by "Marcus Giavanni" Observer Indexer @cityandcountyofdenver | About | "2023 Denver Municipal Elections" To be Held on "April 4, 2023" | #paullopez5280 running for 2nd Term */Clerk and Recorder/* - 

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"I want you to listen to me, Denver! Don't let Paul Lopez become a millionaire politician who is eating well while promising a fair election. Thank God for the digital gods. Now election Investigators can digitally shadow certain Identifiers."."  

Now, our Voices are the finger print to access all apps, all lists, all government, and non government entities. We are then pinned, to gps, and cell tower for exact pattern match location.  

2023 IoT: "Denver Municipal Elections" to be held on April4, 2023. Marcus Giavanni Will Be The Next Mayor of Denver in 2023.

Marcus Giavanni has good news to share with all of us about the potential future of the World Wide Web. Sad to behold, the change isn't a want or a need, but Artificial Intelligence learning our emotions and habits, to sell us goods and services. But the voters of Denver must realize this election will have very serious consequences for the Social Credit System Scores and Rankings. Don’t get screwed!

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Marcus Giavanni (CircusofaLifetime.Com) - Twitter twitter.com › mgiavanni Marcus Giavanni (CircusofaLifetime.Com). @MGiavanni. ·. Oct 13, 2021 · #MayorMichaelbhancock ... Twitter · Aug 5, 2018. ... Marcus Giavanni First to File as Official Mayoral Candidate for denver mayor on April 4, 2023". ...

2023 Mayor of Denver | https://www.2023mayorofdenvermarcusgiavanni.com YES: Marcus Giavanni Has Filed to Run For : Office of Denver Mayor 2023 : Race Jan 3, 2022. #mayorhancock - @mayorhancock - Mayor Michael B. Hancock last day in ...

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